Tuesday, April 2, 2013

GE13: Two hurt in fracas at DAP talk

Bloodied hand: Kogilavani (left) and her husband Murugan after the attack at Taman Inang.

The tension within Johor DAP, with rival factions vying for influence, has spilled over into a fracas at a party ceramah, injuring a branch leader and her husband.

Taman Nesa DAP chairman S. Kogilavani was hurt when she tried to prevent several men from attacking her husband K. Murugan for shouting during the event in Taman Inang at about 10pm on Sunday where party adviser Lim Kit Siang was one of the speakers.

The couple, who was pushed to the ground, later lodged police reports.

Murugan, who was Taman Nesa DAP publicity secretary, along with former Taman Saga branch chairman V. Thulasi Das, had earlier staged a protest outside a hotel, accusing state DAP chief Dr Boo Cheng Hau of being a racist who ignored the needs of the Indian community.

It is learnt that several people in the back row were shouting using a loud-hailer as the ceramah was going on.

Some were letting off firecrackers for several minutes to drown out the speakers.

When contacted, Kogilavani said she was disappointed with the party leaders as they did nothing to stop the incident.

“I was in front as it was a DAP gathering, but rushed to the back when I heard a commotion. I tried to get help from the party security personnel but no one responded,” she said.

Kogilavani said she tried to stop the men from attacking her husband with helmets, but was herself struck and pushed to the ground.

“So far no DAP leader has bothered to call and find out what happened,” she added.

Murugan denied that he went to the ceramah to cause trouble.

“I just shouted for one of the speakers to speak in Tamil and this angered some people who then attacked me,” he said, adding that he decided to come to the ceramah because it was held near his house.

Meanwhile, Lim said he regretted that such an incident took place but left it to the state DAP leadership to take any action necessary.

A man wearing a DAP shirt was reported to have been detained after the ruckus.

Asked if he was a party member, Dr Boo said he would find out.

“I was not at the function and do not fully understand yet what happened,” he said, and declined further comment.

Police said they were investigating the incident.

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