Saturday, April 13, 2013

Man cuts off dad's and his own private parts

A 40-year-old mechanic, obsessed with a doomsday theory, cut off his father's penis before cutting off his own at their house in an incident at 4.15am in Felda Kerteh 6, Ketengah Jaya, in Dungun yesterday.

Both men were warded in Sultanah Nur Zahirah Hospital and will undergo surgery.

State Criminal Investigation Department chief Assistant Commissioner K. Manoharan said the man who lives in Balakong, Selangor, returned to his family home on Tuesday and told his parents that he was certain the armageddon would be on the following Friday.

"Initial checks revealed that he had studied deviant religious texts on the Internet and had started preaching them to his parents since he came back.

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"Yesterday, he sent text messages to his three siblings asking them to come home and congregate on this pressing matter," he said, adding that the man also mentioned that in order to save all of them, the spirit of Imam Nawawi had to be invoked and channelled into his 67-year-old father.

"According to the man's brother-in-law who came yesterday from Pahang, the man said the imam's spirit can successfully enter his father only if the father cried.

"After his father was not able to cry voluntarily, he hit him with his hands and with a rattan stick. This went on until 1.30am."

Manoharan said the man asked his brother-in-law for a knife who, without suspecting anything, handed a kitchen knife to him.

"The man then took the knife into a room where his father was resting and proceeded to cut off his father's penis in an attempt to make him cry," Manoharan said, and that minutes later after he cut off his own penis and asked his brother-in-law to do the same.

The cases were being investigated for causing grievous injury and attempted suicide respectively.

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