Sunday, April 14, 2013

Peeping tom sues neighbours

In an alarming sign that society is becoming more litigative, a peeping tom has turned justice on its head by taking his neighbours to court!

A magistrate's court in Tringi Jaya heard charges brought by Noh Fan Wan against the Residents' Association of Section 6/9.

Noh was suing for a lack of recreational facilities as promised in the S&P agreement signed when he purchased a gated community home directly from developers at Happy Ending Bhd.

"I am very particular about my surroundings," said a distraught Noh before the court.

Even before I moved in, I ensured that not only was the landscape design intriguing, but that my prospective neighbours were good looking as well. Seeing as how they appeared young and virile, I gladly purchased a corner lot which would give me access to strategic viewpoints overlooking a number of streets.

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Imagine my disappointment when I spent hours climbing up ladders and waiting in my treehouse, only to see that the couples in my neighbourhood seem to indulge in dull extra curricular activities!

At first I couldn't believe it, but after installing CCTV, my worst fears were confirmed. These people may live in the same homes, but they are so obsessed with their electronic devices that there is hardly any physical interaction at all.

In fact, the other day, the neighbour from three doors down was nodding his head intermittently at an empty chair thinking his wife was there, while she was actually in the kitchen trying out a Nigella Lawson recipe! He in the meantime completed four new levels of Temple Run.

I can certainly say that my hopes for a bright future in my chosen profession have been crushed."

A devastated Noh was also contemplating seeking additional damages for the mental anguish this has caused him.

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