Monday, April 15, 2013

Terror attack at Boston Marathon, 3 dead , 141 injured

Bloodbath in Boston as two explosions rock finish line of iconic Boston Marathon race at around 2.50 p.m. as race was winding down

At least three people confirmed dead and 141 people injured - with up to a eight critically ill - 14 in a serious condition - many amputations reported by city hospitals

Hospitals reporting they were removing ball bearings from victims

It has been reported that an eight-year-old boy was one of the two people confirmed dead in the blast

Two detonations came 12-seconds apart - with witnesses describing scenes of utter 'pandemonium'

New York City stepping up anti-terror efforts in wake of attack and have tightened security around popular destinations like Times Square

FBI officially classifying bombings as terrorist attack, but President Obama said it is important to 'get to the bottom of this' before classifying it

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