Monday, April 29, 2013

GE13: Kedah DAP committee member Neelamekan also wants voters to shun PAS

Another DAP leader has urged voters to reject PAS in the general election until the party abandons its call for an Islamic state.

Kedah DAP committee member S. Neelamekan said the Federal Constitution was clear in that Malaysia was a secular state, adding that the incessant calls by PAS over the implementation of hudud law were “highly disturbing”.

He said PAS had been consistent in the type of administration it had been pushing, describing it as “dangerous” to Malaysia.

“The only way we can stop this is to stop PAS,” Neelamekan said.

“I will certainly not vote for PAS and I urge DAP members and Malaysians to do the same. The party does not deserve our votes,” he said.

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Neelamekan, who is also Lunas DAP branch chief, said he was making the statement in a personal capacity.

He stressed that it would be against his conscience if he did not speak up against the issue.

On Saturday, Johor DAP deputy chairman Norman Fernandez had said pretty much the same thing, saying non-Muslims should reflect on whether they wanted to risk it all with PAS.

He had said that Malaysians, especially Johoreans, should think hard and deep if PAS was really worthy of their votes.

Neelamekan said he was compelled to make the statement as he did not want to give the impression that only DAP chairman Karpal Singh was speaking up against hudud.

“As a DAP leader, if I do not speak up, it would give the impression that we have become apologists to PAS,” he had said.

Neelamekan said dealing with the Islamist party in Kedah was frustrating as many of the issues went against Pakatan Rakyat's framework.

He cited the closure of the abattoir and the ban on female performers at shopping malls during Chinese New Year as examples.

Neelamekan, who has been with the DAP for 27 years, urged the party to review its ties with PAS.

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