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'Slow action on DAP polls a ploy'

Former Selangor DAP publicity secretary Tan Tuan Tat (left) speaking to reporters as assistant secretary Wong Yi Liuh (centre) and two party members, who were prevented from voting in DAP’s central executive committee election in Decemberlast year, look on in Taman Seri Bayu, Bagan Lalang, yesterday.

Guan Eng responsible for technical glitches, says ex-DAP official

SEPANG: FORMER Selangor DAP publicity secretary Tan Tuan Tat alleged that the party is trying to gain sympathy votes by dilly-dallying in solving the party's election irregularities.

He said this was reflected in the slow action taken by the party on the matter, adding that he believed it could be one of the political ploys by DAP as the general election drew closer.

"The Registrar of Societies (RoS) has given the party many chances (to submit documents on the alleged technical glitches that occurred during the party's central executive committee (CEC) election held in December).

"Instead, they (the party leaders) are playing dumb," he said yesterday.

"Maybe (DAP secretary-general) Lim Guan Eng wants sympathy votes. If he thinks that way, then he is wrong."

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Tan, who is also former Taman Sri Sungai Pelek branch chairman, said should RoS choose to de-register the party, the only person that could be held accountable was Lim.

"Do not blame anyone. He (Lim) created this and he should be held responsible.

"He is the secretary-general of the party.

"It is his responsibility to provide the members with the notice or letters.

"Also, DAP national chairman Karpal Singh should stop supporting him."

Present were two members from the Taman Sri Sungai Pelek branch who were prevented from voting during the Dec 15 election.

They had rebutted the statement made by Karpal that there was no foul play in the CEC election and that he would furnish documents, such as the notices sent out to delegates about the party election.

Assistant secretary Wong Yi Liuh said he did not receive any such notification or letter prior to the meeting, which was held in Penang.

"I was one of the 753 members who were denied our rights.

"I am very disappointed with his (Lim's) arrogance and behaviour.

"I hope Karpal will stop backing him on this matter."

Wong, together with member R. Manimaran, was seeking re-election of the party's CEC.

"We want a re-election as it is only fair to those who did not manage to exercise their rights," he said, adding that no reason was given as to why the 753 members could not vote.

Tan also said the Taman Sri Sungai Pelek branch was entitled to three votes in the CEC as it had exceeded the number of membership.

The branch has 51 members to date.

RoS had said that it had begun investigations into the complaints it received from DAP members over the CEC election.

In clarifying a statement made by the DAP chairman on Saturday over the party being investigated, RoS said it had initiated investigations on Jan 29, when its enforcement arm took statements from Ladang Paroi DAP deputy chairman David Dass Aseerpatham and his branch secretary, Mahendran Krishnan, after they had lodged their complaints on Jan 14.

RoS said it had taken statements from other DAP members after they lodged complaints over the election.

"We would like to stress that the DAP chairman's statement in relation to the investigations last Saturday goes against the facts of the initial investigations undertaken, as mentioned above," RoS said, adding that the decision of the investigations into the CEC election would be announced after they were completed.

It was also reported that RoS had called the party's returning officer, Pooi Weng Keong, and election strategist Ong Kian Ming to testify at the hearing on Thursday.

They are expected to record their statements before a RoS investigating officer at its headquarters at 10am.

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