Thursday, June 7, 2012

Guard shot five times in robbery


A security guard at a moneychanger’s outlet in a shopping mall is in stable condition after being shot five times during a robbery on Tuesday.

The guard, in his 40s, who was armed with a pump-action shotgun, was no match for the robbers, who were armed with semi-automatic pistols. The robbers fired nine shots, with five hitting the guard.

They then grabbed a sling bag containing RM100,000 in Singapore dollars before escaping in a waiting car.

Johor deputy police chief Datuk Ismail Yatim said the incident happened at 8pm when the guard and his employer, a moneychanger who operated from a shopping mall, were walking towards their car after closing the outlet.

"They were intercepted by two armed robbers wearing masks, who got down from a car while another waited behind the wheel.

"One of the robbers grabbed the sling bag from the moneychanger.

"The guard went for his pump-action shotgun, but before he could fire, the two gunmen shot him."

Ismail said the shots were fired at point-blank range. The guard collapsed while the moneychanger was unhurt. The robbers escaped in their car.

The guard was rushed to Sultanah Aminah Hospital here and his condition is reported to be stable.

Police believed the robbers had watched the moneychanger for several days before making their move.

Ismail said nine slugs were found at the scene.

"We are working on several leads and hope to identify the robbers soon," he said after a crime-prevention programme at the Johor Religious Department here yesterday.

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