Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Case of mistaken identity got murdered

A still from a closed-circuit television camera at the petrol station showing the gunman firing at the victim who is behind a booth. In the centre is a motorcyclist who was refueling his motorcycle.

Businessman had no enemies, says family.THE senior citizen gunned down at a petrol station, here, on Tuesday was likely a victim of a mistaken identity.Family members of the victim, Lim Ching Hoon, described him as a pleasant person without any enemies.

The victim’s son, Lim Jian Yoon, 37, said his father did not have any grudge against anyone in the district or in Kuala Lumpur.

“My father was a decent, hardworking businessman. He never borrowed money from anyone. We cannot understand why anyone would want to kill him. That is why we suspect it was a case of mistaken identity,” Jian Yoon said.

Ching Hoon, 73, was killed on the spot after a gunman fired six shots at him, at point-blank range at a petrol station at Jalan Genuang, here on Tuesday morning.

The victim was the owner of a hardware shop as well as the chairman of the Segamat Chung Hua Sports Association. He lived in Taman Segar in Kampung Abdullah. It was learnt that Ching Hoon had businesses also in Kuala Lumpur and spent a lot of time there. He was the sole dealer of a padlock product in Malaysia and Singapore.

He left behind a 64-year-old wife and four children. It was reported that Ching Hoon was on his way to Kuala Lumpur when the incident occurred about 7.45am. He had stopped at his regular petrol station to refuel his Mercedes Benz when two men wearing full-faced helmets approached him on a motorcycle from behind.

The pillion rider got off and opened fire before they fled towards town. Several of the shots hit the victim in the head.

The shooting was captured on closed-circuit television cameras at the petrol station. The recordings were handed to the forensic unit in Bukit Aman to help investigations.

District police chief Superintendent Hanafi Daud said police were still trying to ascertain the motive for the murder and added that to date, no arrest had been made.

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