Friday, June 29, 2012

Gutsy woman rams car into smash-and-grab robbers

A GUTSY 31-year-old woman, enraged after being robbed at a traffic light junction in Saujana Prima, Kajang, gave chase and rammed the two robbers on Tuesday.

Earlier, the woman, an IT firm management executive, had stopped her car at the junction, only to have two men on a motorcycle smash her side window with a metal lock and grab her handbag in the 11.30pm incident.

She chased and rammed the suspects, knocking them off their bike.

The stunned suspects got up and tried to smash the driver’s side window.

However, two policemen from the Kajang police station on patrol spotted the incident and rushed to her aid.

Following a brief struggle, the policemen arrested one suspect while the other fled on foot.

The woman recovered her handbag and lodged a police report at the Kajang police headquarters.

It was learnt that the suspects did not sustain any serious injuries.

Initial investigation also showed that the two men had been involved in a series of “smash-and-grab”-style robberies in the Kajang district.

Police also seized the suspect’s motorcycle carrying false registration number.

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