Monday, June 25, 2012

Two men with fake guns held in army camp

Two men, posing as army officers and driving a Mercedes-Benz S200 filled with fake weaponry, gained entry into the Terendak Camp in Sungai Udang, here, on Saturday.

The imitation firearms seized in Malacca yesterday. Grade A imitation firearms are replicas of famous modern guns, each incorporating a firing mechanism which simulates the workings of the original. It is made of high-grade casting alloy, with genuine hardwood used where applicable. The finishes replicate the as-made finish of the original gun and, in some cases, the patina develops with time and use. These replica firearms are usually used as stage props and by movie studios. They are non-fireable and cannot be altered.

Carrying fake military passes and in uniform, the local men, in their late 30s, were allowed inside the camp, which housed the 10th Parachute Brigade. But they only got as far as the firing range 600m from the entrance before they were caught.

Their car boot was filled with replicas of pistols, rifles, machine guns, smoke bombs, military communications gear and other equipment.

The men are military enthusiasts who like to dress up as officers. One of them is a businessman running a four-digit outlet while the other works in a timber company.

Tenth Parachute Brigade intelligence officer Major Abd Razak Sipit said the men came to the camp at 2.30pm and claimed to be officers based in Sabah. He said they were asked to report to the guardhouse, where they were asked for their identification cards and the purpose of their visit.

"They then made their way to the firing range. However, we sent two army personnel to follow them when checks showed they were not in the army.

"When the men realised they were being tailed, they jumped into their car and drove towards the entrance, but our guards had closed the gate, and the two men were detained."

Besides the fake weaponry, the investigators also found security passes from the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Prime Minister's Department in the car.

"The replica firearms are used as stage props and were made according to the original specifications. The men claimed the equipment was from Taiwan and was bought for more than RM20,000."

Razak said the two men were handed over to the Masjid Tanah police station before they were transferred to the Alor Gajah district police headquarters. Deputy district police chief Deputy Superintendent Abd Rahman Jid said the men were being investigated for impersonating civil servants.

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