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Rapists get 28 years each

The three men being led out of the Klang Sessions Court after they were sentenced to 28 years in jail.

Mother of seven tells court of brutal assault on way to work

KLANG: IT was a normal Thursday morning when a mother of seven went to work as usual at a factory in Klang.

Little did she know that she would be sexually assaulted; so brutally as to leave her scarred for life.

The then 35-year-old woman was walking to work when a car stopped in front of her. A man, who had pretended to be looking into his car bonnet suddenly ran towards her and dragged her into the car with three others waiting.

She was taken to a secluded area where she was beaten, raped and forced to perform oral sex on them. After they were done with her, one of her attackers inserted a twig into her private parts before leaving her there in pain.

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Yesterday, three of the assailants were found guilty of the heinous crime and were jailed 28 years' jail each and ordered to be whipped a total of 48 strokes of the rotan.

Sessions Court judge Ahmad Fairus Mohd Puzi sentenced Y. Gajehindran, 26, J. Malvin Isaac, 24, and P. Aravinthiran, 22, for committing the offences in various places in Klang between 6.45am and 8.30am on Feb 11, 2010.

Gajehindran, an accounts executive, and Aravinthiran, a college student, were charged with raping and forcing the victim to perform oral sex in the bushes along Jalan Kebun Nenas 2H/KS7 in Bandar Putera Klang.

Malvin Isaac, who worked in a courier service company, was charged with raping the same victim, forcing her to perform oral sex on him and with inserting a twig into her private parts.

All three were also convicted of abducting and causing hurt to the victim. Initially, four men were charged but their accomplice had then turned prosecution witness and testified against them.

In his decision yesterday, Ahmad Fairus said the accused in their defence had solely put the blame on their accomplice who had turned prosecution witness.

"They claimed that it was the witness who had assaulted and raped the victim when they left the two in the bushes near a residential area, and they were helpless in stopping him as he was acting violently," said the judge

"I find this impossible to believe, as surely the three could have done something to stop their friend who was said to be acting alone," he said. "They had also claimed they did not lodge a police report because they were shocked and had panicked."

He said their actions for not lodging a police report only showed they too had attacked the victim.

Their defence was a mere denial and they put the entire blame on their accomplice just to save themselves, he said.

"In fact, the victim's evidence corroborated with that of the accomplice which showed what really happened the day of the incident."

The victim who gave a victim impact statement cried as she related how the incident had left her traumatised.

She said she had difficulties in eating and drinking for two weeks after the incident.

"I did not dare leave my house for more than a year, afraid that they would come back and catch me again," she said.

"I could not sleep for six months and I am still taking anti-depressant medication."

She said the incident had also affected her married life as she was afraid to be with her husband intimately.

"We are having marital problems. I have stopped working as I am afraid to leave the house. I am afraid and ashamed," she said as she wiped her tears.

"Why did this have to happen to me? They were so inhumane and acted as if I was not a human being."

She then asked how would they feel if someone inserted a twig into their private parts.

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