Thursday, June 20, 2013

‘Body buried 13 storeys deep’

Former Institution of Engineers Malaysia (northern branch) chairman Lim Kok Khong says the body of Lim Chin Aik is believed to be buried at least 40m or 13 storeys underground and under a 30m-long solid mass of steel-reinforced concrete.

Kok Khong said the sheared off length of the lightning arrestor's concrete section was 38m-long and it had directly impacted the driver's section.

“It was so great it completely cut off the driver's section and drove it deep into the ground,” Kok Khong said. “He would have been killed instantly.”

“Imagine a giant pencil being driven into the ground, the top quarter would have broken off, shattering the surrounding surface, while the rest was completely buried underground.

“The remainder of the car was dragged down to a depth of 8m to 9m.

“Only the upper 10m of the arrestor's concrete section has been recovered,” he said. “The rest remains buried with the victim.”

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