Thursday, June 27, 2013

Malaysian magician to perform in London

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian magician Kabir Khan during a press conference on his invitation to perform at London. Kabir is the first Malaysian magician invited to perform at the World Renown Magic Cirlce in London

Malaysian magician Kabir Khan Mohamad Reaz will perform in London at the invitation of The Magic Circle, the world- famous club since 1905 for magicians and magic enthusiasts.

Kabir Khan, 29, will perform in London next month.

His overseas venture will be sponsored by local companies including Kuala Lumpur Tower and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia.

The Penang-born magician told a press conference here today that some of his performances would have a 'Malaysian identity' to promote the country in London.

"Each time I perform, people out there will still want to know about Malaysia because they can't believe we have someone like David Copperfield," he said.

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"There will be no different tricks in my performance but I can guarantee, the quality will be the same as my performance in Hollywood in 2011," he added.

Before this, Kabir Khan had performed in the United Arab Emirates in 2009 at the invitation of the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, and at several luxury hotels in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

He was a student of the McBride School of Magic and Mystery, Las Vegas, and also a graduate in Manual Dexterity and Prestidigitation from Chaves Studio of Magic, Los Angeles.

Recounting his involvement, the director of Business Magic Worldwide (M) Sdn Bhd said he started in this field at the age of six after watching the world-renowned magician, David Copperfield, in the 1980s.

He began venturing in magic during his school days by performing at corporate dinner functions.

Kabir Khan, who wants more Malaysian youths to be involved in magic, plans to open a school of magic to share his knowledge.

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