Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Family members hold seventh-day prayers

Lim Chin Aik’s family members holding prayers near the Penang Museum and Art Gallery in Jalan Macalister yesterday.

Mass prayers were held near Menara Umno to appease the soul of the missing and presumed dead hawker Lim Chin Aik.

The prayers marked the seventh day since last Thursday when Chin Aik was believed to have been crushed to death by a lightning arrestor that fell off from the rooftop.

Condolences were also extended to two other people who were killed in the freak storm.

A minute's silence was observed prior to the chanting, held under a makeshift canopy near the Penang Museum and Art Gallery in Jalan Macalister. The hour-long chanting started at 6.30pm.

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Scores of well-wishers and relatives attended the prayers, organised by the Penang KaDhamPa Buddhist Association.

Chin Aik's wife, Lee Chai Song, 48, was seen weeping and had to pause several times during the chanting.

Present were Chin Aik's mother, Ang Kim Looi, 70, father, Lim Tian Chor, 73, sons, Chia Yiang, 20, Chia Oon, 18 and daughter, Hui Jiune, 13.

Meanwhile, police said they were unable to detect any body tissues or blood stains of Chin Aik during their forensic investigation.

Northeast district police chief Assistant Commissioner Gan Kong Meng said, here, yesterday the Forensic and Chemistry Departments could not trace any remains of Chin Aik after scouring for his DNA in the car wreckage unearthed from the gaping hole.

"We believe his body is there (buried below the road) and it cannot be recovered."

He said the police would use circumstantial evidence such as closed-circuit television footage, car chassis number and an eyewitness report to confirm that Lim was inside the Honda City.

On a CCTV video clip depicting the incident that went viral on Facebook, Gan said aside from the police, the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) had also access to it.

He also said Chin Aik's family were expected to get the death certificate issued by the National Registration Department tomorrow.

He added that police would submit the report of the sudden death to the deputy public prosecutor's office for action.

An MPPP spokesman said yesterday workers had nearly completed covering the 6m hole that dented Jalan Macalister during the storm. He said the road was expected to be opened today.

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