Tuesday, June 25, 2013

HAZE UPDATE: Brighter skies in Penang, API at 60

Penangites woke up to bright skies after the Air Pollution Index (API) numbers were halved from yesterday's unhealthy levels, after bouts of overnight rain.

Checks with the Meteorological Department website showed the API on the island is at 60, while mainland Prai recorded a 57, as at 9am.

Yesterday, Penang recorded unhealthy air quality levels ranging from 121 to 130, with visibility reduced at to almost a kilometre.

Activities in Penang are back to normal with the improved visibility and API halved to 60 as at 9am.

Its business as usual in Penang as the haze situation improves and the visibility returns to normal. Penang recorded a moderate Air Pollutant Index reading of 62 as at early this morning.

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