Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hawker's family views CCTV clip

Workers covering the 6m hole in Jalan Macalister yesterday

It shows lightning arrestor falling on Lim Chin Aik's car in Jalan Macalister during storm

GEORGE TOWN: FAMILY members of hawker Lim Chin Aik were yesterday shown how his Honda City sustained a direct hit by the falling lightning arrestor in a 34-second video during the storm, here, on June 13.

The video, obtained from a closed-circuit television (CCTV) in Jalan Macalister, recorded vehicles passing along the stretch at 6.33pm.

A minute later, as the winds blew strongly, the video showed the falling lightning arrestor hitting Chin Aik's car, after which a blackout occurred.

Chin Aik's body has yet to be recovered.

Family members, including Chin Aik's parents, Lim Tian Chor, 73, and Ang Kim Looi @ Ang Kim Hooi, 70, as well as younger brother Khung Ling viewed the video at Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng's office.

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Chin Aik's wife, Lee Chai Song, 48, was not present as she was said to be too distraught by the incident.

Earlier, Guan Eng proposed the setting up of a state commission to probe into the fall of the lightning arrestor and the "civil structural failure" of the Second Penang Bridge on June 6.

Guan Eng said the commission aimed to, firstly, determine the causes of those fatal incidents.

"Secondly, it is to determine whether approvals and waivers were granted by the local authorities and departments, and the parties responsible.

"Lastly, it is to recommend steps to punish those responsible and to promote measures to avoid a recurrence of these types of structural failures and loss of lives."

Guan Eng said while there could be an overlap with other probes being carried out by the authorities, the commission's investigation would not interfere with their proceedings.

"The recommendations (of the commission) will, of course, be seriously considered and adopted, if necessary."

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