Saturday, June 1, 2013

Additional policemen recruited in the hunt for runaway accused

24-year-old accused, Muhammad Juli Had escaped while being escorted into a police vehicle at the Kuantan Courts Complex after pleading guilty on committing gang robbery

Additional police personnel have been recruited to help hunt the 24-year-old accused who escaped while being escorted into a police vehicle at the Kuantan Courts Complex here on Thursday.

District deputy police chief Superintendent Abdul Aziz Ahmad said the department have intensified their search for Muhammad Juli Hadi and believed that he was still hiding in the forest not far from the court complex.

He said police have mounted roadblocks at various spots here while search parties along with the K-9 dog unit are scouring the secondary forest area along the Kuantan-Kemaman Bypass stretch.

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"The department is using all our resources to locate the accused. We are working around the clock to nab the suspect," he said when contacted yesterday.

He urged those who spotted the suspect, wearing a black round-collared short-sleeved T-shirt, a pair of blue jeans and slippers, to contact the district police station at 09-5132222.

In the 1.30pm incident, Muhammad Juli managed to flee into a secondary jungle while being transferred into a "Black Maria".

The accused from, Kampung Jaya Baru, Bukit Bading, Terengganu who was chain-cuffed with six others, managed to slip out and jumped from the lorry before climbing over the court complex gate.

Three police officers were on duty when the accused made the daring escape.

The suspect, who was arrested on March 20, was supposed to be sentenced by the Sessions Court here on Thursday after he pleaded guilty on April 3 to committing gang robbery.

However, he changed his plea and the Sessions judge fixed July 11 and 12 for hearing of the case.

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