Wednesday, May 1, 2013

'Woman fought man who tried to grab her handbag'

Bank worker fell and was dragged for 10m by suspect, say police

KUALA LUMPUR: SNATCH theft-cum-murder victim Cindy Loh Sing Ying, who was left by the roadside after being robbed and beaten by a man in Taman Wahyu on Friday, was described as an obedient child by her parents.

A relative, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, said Loh was the type who would always listen to her parents.

"Her mother, Cheng Siew Gaik, was so happy when Loh graduated earlier this year after having spent three years studying at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman in Kampar, Perak," said the relative.

Loh graduated with a degree in Business Administration and had just started her bank job three weeks ago.

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The night before she was murdered, she told her parents that she did not like driving to her workplace in Jalan Imbi because of the traffic jams.

"That was one of the reasons she did not drive to work. She would walk to the nearest KTMB station in Taman Wahyu at 7am every morning to go to work," he said.

Last Friday, Loh was found in a semiconscious state near the train station at 7.30am by an elderly couple. The couple sought help from a female soldier who then called an ambulance to the scene. Loh was pronounced dead on arrival at Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

Sentul police chief Assistant Commissioner Zakaria Pagan said police have classified the case as murder following the autopsy and from information offered by the elderly couple.

The couple told police they saw Loh crossing Jalan Ipoh when she was accosted by a man. The man had allegedly tried to grab her handbag but she fought back.

It was learnt that she fell on the road and was dragged for about 10m by the suspect, who was trying to reach a four-wheel drive nearby.

Managing to free himself, he jumped into a white 4WD

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