Tuesday, May 7, 2013

MCA central committee members demand Soi Lek’s head

Three MCA Central Committee told party president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek to resign immediately following the party’s worst electoral performance at the 2013 general election.

Lee Wei Kiat, Liew Yuen Keong and Tan Chong Seng, MCA division chairmen for Subang, Serdang and Kuala Selangor respectively, said Dr Chua is responsible for the party’s dismal showing in which the party won just seven parliamentary seats and 11 state seats out of the 37 parliamentary seats and 90 state seats it contested.

“We strongly urge the MCA president to step down from all party posts, since he has become a liability to the party,” they said in a press statement today.

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The results were worse for MCA this time compared to that in 2008, where it won 15 parliamentary seats out of 40 and 32 state seats out of 90 it contested.

Dr Chua has said that the MCA would not take any government post, as part of a pledge he took before Sunday’s polls that the party would not do so if it failed to improve its 2008 performance.
He also recently said that he would not defend his post in the MCA party elections this year, but despite this, the central committee members want his immediate resignation.

They said his resignation would mark a new beginning for the party in crisis, necessary to safeguard its dignity and regain the confidence of the Chinese community, and to set a good example for all party members that they are to be fully accountable for any poor decision-making affecting the standing of the party.

Lee, Liew and Tan questioned Dr Chua’s electoral strategy in ceding three parliamentary seats and two state seats to other BN component parties with no prior consensus from party leaders.
“Chua’s failure in convincing party members over the issue ultimately led to low morale and disillusion in the party,” they said.

The three also cited deepening party fractions, favouritism in the candidate selection and Dr Chua’s criticism towards the Chinese community for marring the party’s image, sending them to vote overwhelmingly for opposition party DAP instead.

“During the campaign period, party members were confronted, questioned and insulted sarcastically by the electorates for decisions and statements made by the party President,” they said.
They also criticised Dr Chua for blaming Chinese voters for “believing in the DAP’s propaganda”, adding that the MCA president had failed to address the political sentiments of the Chinese community, reflected in his statement that the opposition’s gains in Johor was due to a “two-race system”.

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