Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Massive gathering in Stadium Kelana Jaya

Pakatan rally last night, the first after the general election ended on Sunday recorded the presence of over 120,000 people.

Collection named "The Voice of the People Voice Keramat ', it brings people to hear his message Permatang Pauh MP Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim on the last election that allegedly laden with fraud and dubious matters

Drizzle which started at 7 pm and continued almost all night is not directly inhibit the spirit of the people who thronged the Kelana Jaya Stadium as early as 6.30 pm.

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Treading into the night, all the post-ge13 rally in Kelana Jaya stadium 8laluan crowd to the stadium crowded with the influx of people of various races and black dress themes in conjunction with the Black 505 '- symbolic of the date to vote on 5 May.

Starting from the intersection of the Federal Highway heading out to Kelana Jaya, congested roads with their vehicles trapped on the road towards the stadium NONEmenuju.

The situation is forcing some participants repertoire for their parking by the roadside Federal Highway and walk almost as far as five kilometers to get to the stadium.

In the other NONEsatu, some participants had to park their cars at the Kelana Jaya LRT station NONEdan two km walk towards the stadium to attend the assembly.

In the stadium, all the seats and the field and the space in the middle of the stadium filled with people.

The muddy and wet field due to rain does not prevent assembly participants to stretch their backs Anwar's presence for waiting.

A half hour after the start, people still flocked to move into the stadium.

From the outside up to the stadium, the crowd cheered and chanted "Reformasi!", Post-ge13 rally in Kelana Jaya stadium crowd 3 bicycles "Change!" and "Clean! Cleaner" and blow the vuvuzela during the assembly place.

It's a bit of post-ge13 rally in Kelana Jaya stadium crowd listen speech several Pakatan Rakyat leaders 'warm up' stage while awaiting the arrival of Anwar's speech.

Around 10 nights, Anwar arrived into the stadium and was greeted with cheers and shouts of "We Are The Children of Malaysia!" collection of participants.

In his speech, Anwar stressed all Malaysians want to claim their rights for fair elections and they have rejected BN in the last general election.

Responding to Anwar's speech, attendees menjulangkan hand into the air as a sign of support.

By late evening, Damansara Puchong Highway which is the main stadium last saw a young man shouted toward lalulalang vehicle while holding a flag of PKR, PAS and DAP on the highway divider.

They were greeted with cheers and horn sounds waft from vehicle drivers.

Their behavior and the presence of a vehicle with a passenger-flying its flag  coalition parties on the highway last night to make the atmosphere seem to celebrate the victory celebration for Alliance in the last election.

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