Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Malay NGO urges boycott of Chinese owned businesses

Some come Malay NGOs urge people to boycott businesses and products is well-known Chinese-owned operators for allegedly funded opposition in the general election to the 13th.

Activists chief Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia (PPIM), Datuk Nadzim Johan said, the business entity's actions broke the unity of the country.

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As he blasted Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Nadzim said the move was also intended to send signals to the companies that "do not be rude."

Businesses that want to include the two networks boycotted stores, supermarket chains as well as famous brands of bread and flour.

Meanwhile, combined with the fact that circulated mention, it's simple but effective steps to curb Anwar continue "inciting people" and DAP from Chinese exploit.

Nadzim however, said the boycott was currently aimed only five companies due to fear of affecting everyday life if done on a large scale.

"If we boycott all we probably will not be able to survive," he said.

Sustenance by God

Asked about the possibility of affecting the livelihood of the campaign Malays who work with affected businesses, Nadzim stressed providence of God and the Malays are determined to "remove doubts in God".

"If two or three companies (only boycotted), no problem.

"Provision God wanted to. We want the Malays do not ask (it) again, we remove our doubts on God," said Prof Rohaty.

He also urged the Malays to continue to strengthen their economic position to continue to be respected by the Chinese people.

"This law of nature, if we are weak, we are poor people do not respect us.

"If the Chinese do not respect us because we are weak, it's a habit," he said.

Among the members of the coalition of NGOs called the 1Malaysia Islamic NGO Coalition is Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia, 1Malaysia Youth Voices, and Palestinian Youth Council Malaysia.
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