Friday, May 3, 2013

GE13: Parcels with explosives found in DAP centre in Kepong, food stall in Seri Kembangan

A member of the bomb disposal squad approaches the package tentatively.

Two parcels, marked "bomb" and suspected to contain explosive material, were found at two locations in Kepong and Seri Kembangan Friday.

The first, was found at the Jinjang Utara DAP operations centre here.

The parcel, about the size of a car battery, was found by a party worker at about 7.30am at the centre, located at Jalan Jinjang Utama in Kepong.

The worker, who grew suspicious of the parcel, quickly alerted the police.A bomb squad was rushed to the scene where a bomb disposal robot was used to carefully open the parcel.

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 The bomb disposal unit inspecting the box.

 The box marked with the words "Awas! Bom!" found in Kepong.

The biscuit tin containing explosives that was inside the parcel.

Sentul OCPD Asst Comm Zakaria Pagan said the parcel contained a biscuit tin inside believe to contain explosive material.

"The bomb squad detonated the parcel three times, between 10.50am and 11.45am, and destroyed it," he said when met at the scene.

"The bomb squad will analyse what kind of explosive material was used.
"We are currently recording statements from eye witnesses and looking to track down the origins of the parcel," he said.

Meanwhile, around 11.45am in Seri Kembangan, a second parcel, also marked "bomb", was found at a duck meat stall.

Serdang OCPD Asst Comm Abdul Razak Elias said the parcel was found by the stall owner, in his 40's, when he wanted to open for business.

"He took the parcel and placed it about five metres away from his stall and called the police," he said when contacted.

The parcel was detonated by the bomb squad and is suspected to have contained explosive material as well.
Police are looking into the possibility that the same people were behind both incidents.
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