Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fire razes 20 homes at Taman Ikan Emas in Cheras

More than a dozen families were made homeless after a fire razed 20 homes in a long house at Taman Ikan Emas in Cheras here.

The fire occurred at around 2.32pm and was believed to have originated from a vacant house there.

For R. Jivamalar, 38, the fire destroyed almost all her belongings and documents located on the top floor of her double-storey house which was undergoing renovations.

“We had ordered new furniture and the company was just about to deliver new furniture today.

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“When I arrived at the house at around 3pm, I was horrified to see that my house was engulfed by fire,” she said when met at the scene.

The mother of two said the family had lived there for about seven years but would now have to live at the Komplex Belia dan Sukan in the area temporarily.

“We lost all our belongings and clothes, I don't know what we will do now,” she said.

As for Rohani Adnan, 58, said she was just on her way home after work when she saw smoke billowing from the neighbourhood.

“I rushed towards my house and was relieved that my house was not affected. The fire spread really fast, and there were minor explosions,” she said.

Tun Razak fire station chief Abdul Rahman Abu Hassan said 46 firemen and seven fire engines were dispatched to put out the fire.

“We arrived at the scene and managed to get the fire under control at around 3pm,” he said adding that the fire had destroyed about 20 homes.

He said investigations revealed that four of the homes were vacant.

“We believe the fire originated from one of the vacant houses,” he said adding that the cause of the fire was still under investigation.

Abdul Rahman said two firemen sustained minor injuries while putting out the fire.

“One of our personnel fainted, while another suffered minor burns after he was scalded by hot water,” he said adding that both firemen were immediately taken to the UKM medical centre for treatment. He also said no lives were lost in fire.
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