Thursday, May 9, 2013

EC asked to cancel DAP’s win in Bagan Dalam

The Election Commission has been asked to cancel out DAP’s win in the Bagan Dalam state seat in the recent polls, in view of the pending investigations by the Registrar of Socieities (RoS).

DAP Bagan Luar chairman G. Asoghan said A. Tanasekharan’s win should be cancelled out due to RoS’ decision not to recognise the party’s top leadership, after an alleged irregularity in its Central Executive Committee elections held last year.

“I understand that the party was allowed to use its ‘rocket’ symbol during the general election, but RoS has yet to recognise its party leadership, and the letter of appointment (surat watikah) was signed by the leadership,” he said in a press conference in Permatang Pauh here earlier.

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On May 5, Tanasekharan won the Bagan Dalam seat on the DAP ticket with a 10,253 votes, scoring a 5,161-vote majority, beating Barisan Nasional’s M. Karuppanan (5,092), Independent candidate Lim Seang Teik (76) and Asoghan, who stood as an indepdent, (25).

On April 17, the RoS had sent a note to DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng saying that the validity of the CEC’s status is in question after some irregularities have been spotted during the party elections last year.

The RoS highlighted two grounds. First was the issue raised by 753 members of the party who complained of being denied their rights to attend the congress as delegates.

The second was on the technical glitch during the CEC election which caused party activist Vincent Wu to be moved to the 26th spot from his original sixth spot, giving way to Zairil Abdullah, who was originally placed in the 39th position, to move to the 20th.

The "glitch" was alleged to be a ploy to get a Malay candidate into the CEC to gain the support of the community.

ROS, however, said DAP was not de-registered as of now, and the party was still allowed to use its logo for the 13th General Election.

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