Saturday, May 4, 2013

Disappearing’ indelible ink staining GE13, voters complain

Combo pictures showing Haron’s stained and then cleaned finger.
Muntoh Fong demonstrates that the ink is not indelible after all.
Many voters are complaining of being able to wash off indelible ink used to mark their fingers as thousands start casting their ballots today in Malaysia’s hotly contested general election.

Voters have claimed this firsthand on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter and shared pictures of their clean index fingers, and the materials they have used to wash off the link — which so far includes soap, dishwashing liquid and bleach.

Muntoh Fong posted three photographs on Facebook illustrating the process of getting his finger cleaned with just soap and a brush.

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“One more wash and I can go for another polling station,” he wrote.

The Election Commission (EC) had previously assured voters that the indelible ink would last up to seven days to prevent double voting.

Electoral watchdog Bersih has asked voters to send in complaints for them to forward to the authorities.

PAS deputy spiritual leader Datuk Dr Haron Din, candidate for the Arau parliamentary seat, shared a picture of his clean finger half an hour after he voted this morning.

“I was shocked because the indelible ink is not indelible. Just washing it with plain water without chemical solvents and the indelible ink can be washed off without any trace,” he said.

Twitter users @patricklsk and @jqquah also reported clean fingers after just using soap and water, the latter saying it only took him one minute.

Accounts have also surfaced that clorox will do the job in the event that water and soap are not effective in removing all traces of the ink.
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