Sunday, June 2, 2013

Two men exit vehicle and get run over on Penang Bridge

A car rammed into two men who were allegedly looking for a fight with another driver along the Penang Bridge, killing one of them.

Phung Soon Lye, 39, and his friend were said to be angry with the other driver and were trying to force him out of the car when the accident occurred at the KM7.7 island-bound span of the bridge at around 12.30pm yesterday.

Phung's friend suffered serious injuries and has been hospitalised.

A police spokesman said Phung and his friend, travelling in a Ford Ranger, were said to be annoyed with a driver of the Audi A6 who had honked at them.

“Phung then overtook the Audi and hastily stopped in front of the car on the middle lane, causing the driver to stop.

“Phung and his friend then confronted the driver and tried to drag him out by force,” the police spokesman said.

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At that time, a Proton Saga that was trailing behind the two vehicles tried to swerve away from the Audi and rammed straight into Phung and his friend.

The Audi driver, who declined to be named, said he had honked at the driver of the Ford Ranger near the toll plaza on the mainland.

After that, he said, the driver of the pickup truck kept honking back at him incessantly.

“I ignored them. Then, he suddenly overtook my car and blocked my vehicle in the middle lane,” added the Audi driver, who was not injured.

“They got out of their vehicle and tried to pull me out of my car,” he said.

This is believed to be the first fatal road rage incident since the bridge opened 27 years ago.

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