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She wants to remove scar but loses ear lobe instead

Phooi Sin Yee with part of the left ear lobe cut off by a doctor at a private hospital in

A simple surgery to remove a scar on an ear lobe turned into a nightmare for an 18-year-old trainee beautician when part of the left ear lobe was cut off.

The severing resulted in Phooi Sin Yee being too ashamed to face people, especially customers at the beauty centre where she is undergoing training.

Her father, Phooi Can Wah, 46, said his daughter's problem first started in 2011 when Sin Yee's left ear lobe was swollen after wearing an ill-fitting earring.

She went to a private hospital for minor surgery and the ear lobe healed, but in April, a keloid scar appeared.

"I took her to another private hospital in Seremban 2 and the specialist there told us that she had to wear a device called a 'button' to remove the scar. However, an hour later, the specialist said my daughter's ear could not be fitted with the button and the doctor had removed part of Sin Yee's ear lobe to remove the keloid without informing me of the decision," Can Wah said yesterday.

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He said he was disappointed that the doctor did not inform him of the decision to remove part of the ear lobe. Later, the doctor offered to refer them to a plastic surgery service in Malacca to fix Sin Yee's ear.

"I am perplexed that someone else had signed the authorisation letter for the surgery on my daughter who was not even 18 at that time," he said.

Their lawyer A.K. Das said he had sent a letter to the hospital asking for a full report.

"After getting the report and the details needed, I will discuss with my client on the action to be taken against the doctor."

Meanwhile, Columbia Asia Hospital general manager Lee Hui Chen said the company had received a complaint from Can Wah on April 22 on the issue.

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