Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Seven hurt in three accidents in 10 minutes within 50m stretch

Seven people were injured in three separate accidents in a space of 10 minutes within a 50m stretch of the North-South Expressway here.

The accidents brought the north-bound traffic to a crawl.

The first occurred when an express bus hit the back of a lorry at KM58.7 of the expressway near Kobah at 4am yesterday during heavy rain.

Bus driver Zaini Hussain, 44, and three passengers, including two Thais, were injured in the accident.

The bus and lorry were travelling to Padang Besar from Singapore and Johor respectively.

Moments later, two Myanmar nationals on a motorcycle failed to avoid the glass debris from the accident, lost control of the machine, and crashed to the side of the road. Both were also injured.

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Ten minutes later, a car crashed into another lorry less than 50m away.

The driver of the second lorry, Selvam Perumal, 39, said he stopped to wait for the road to be cleared.

He said he suddenly heard a screeching sound and a loud thud from behind, and looked out to see that a car had crashed into the back of his lorry.

“I could not pass, as the other lorry and the bus had blocked the road,” he said, adding that he was also on his way to Padang Besar with a consignment of flowers.

The car driver Hafiz Amir Hamzah, 23, who is attached with the Padang Besar Anti-Smuggling Unit, sustained injuries to his face and several parts of his body.

All of the injured victims were sent to the Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital here for treatment, and have been warded.

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