Thursday, June 6, 2013

SECOND BRIDGE RAMP COLLAPSE: "I was inches away from certain death"

R. Thilashantini, 24, had a close shave with death when she and her passenger missed the 30-metre wide ramp from the Second Penang Bridge in Batu Maung collapsed, by inches.

Relating the scariest moment of her life, the nurse attached to the Penang Hospital said a steel from the ramp hit the left side of the car, but fortunately it missed her passenger G. Gajashaantini, 24, by several inches.

The left side of her Perodua Myvi was damaged.

"I was just three seconds away from the ramp when the structure suddenly collapsed."

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"We saw a motorcyclist overtook us just before the structures collapsed, I don't know what happened to him," said Thilashantini, who was shaken by the incident.

The 30-metre wide ramp collapsed at about 6.45pm.

At least a car and two motorcycles are believed trapped in the rubble.

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