Saturday, June 8, 2013

SECOND BRIDGE RAMP COLLAPSE: Body in Kelisa recovered

The body of Tajudin Zainal Abidin, 45, who was trapped in a Perodua Kelisa, was extricated by rescue workers at 8:50pm, after more than 24 hours following the collapse of the Second Penang Bridge ramp.
Tajudin, a former policeman, lived in Permatang Damar Laut near the accident site and was believed to be heading to his home at the time.

Tajuddin’s brother who was on the site at the time of extrication, broke down into tears before fainting moments later.

The Fire and rescue workers were seen lifting the body from the rubble and placing it on a stretcher before loading it into a Black Maria to be transported to the Penang Hospital.

Tajuddin’s brother, who was unconscious, was also taken to the hospital.

Meanwhile, forensic pathologist Datuk Dr Bhupinder Singh who performed the post mortem, said Tajudin died as a result of traumatic asphyxia due to crush injuries of the chest.

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It was earlier reported that a man had contacted the police after news that broken bits of the Perodua Kelisa car’s registration plate, PF and 347— which were incomplete, had been found.

Although the plate number was inconclusive, it was believed that the car was driven by the owner's brother.

Last night, rescuers spotted a body pinned to the dashboard of a Kelisa car after getting crushed by a 280-tonne ramp of the Second Penang Bridge.

Meanwhile, the two foreign construction workers - Salamat, 38, from Indonesia and Tin maung Lwin, 39, from Myanmar, who were injured in the incident, are still undergoing treatment at Penang Hospital.

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