Saturday, June 8, 2013

MIC to convene emergency CWC meeting on June 18, says Palanivel

MIC has convened an emergency Central Working Committee (CWC) meeting to discuss issues related to branch, division, presidential and national elections, president Datuk Seri G. Palanivel said here.

In a statement, he said the meeting has been scheduled for June 18 at the MIC headquarters.

The meeting was called following a request by MIC strategic director S.Vell Paari to secretary-general A.Saktivel to convene the meeting to discuss the issue of party polls.

In a letter to Saktivel, he said he had the support of one-third of the 38 CWC members as required under the party constitution to call for an emergency meeting.

"I have asked for the CWC meeting not with any personal agenda but with an urgent need to save the party from getting entangled in a legal mess," he said.

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He said he was concerned over reports that the party might face de-registration following a complaint made by SS2 Tengah branch chairman S.Padmanagan to the Registrar of Societies (ROS).

"This is a dangerous issue which must not build momentum. I believe it is time for all party members to forget individual differences and unite to save the MIC from any such problems," he said.

The elections in the branch, division, presidential and national post which was scheduled for last year was postponed by the CWC to concentrate on the general elections.

But in a recent CWC meeting, it was decided that the elections would be held next year which resulted in the complaint to ROS.

Two former secretary-generals, Tan Sri G.Vadiveloo and D.P.Vijandran had also said that the party should have the polls this year to avoid unnecessary problems for the party.

Vell Paari said the MIC has come under some criticism and it was up to the party to find the strength and courage to re-energise and redirect the party to meet current challenges.

"The party which from pre-Merdeka days championed the Indians should not become stratified.

"We should be brave and honest to admit mistakes and show we have the ability to regain the trust of the Indian community and the nation with positive and meaningful action," he said.

He said the current constitutional issues should not be brushed aside these issues may have serious consequences for the party.

He said he had asked for a CWC meeting earlier to discuss custodial deaths, but there was no reply to the request.

"In the best interest of the MIC and her members, I am now seeking to set a date for an emergency CWC meeting to discuss the current constitutional issues.

"It is the sacrifices and hard work of the earlier generation of leaders and members of MIC that fought to build and handed over to us the current generation, this great and structured party called MIC. It's now our duty the current generation to protect and build MIC to hand over to our next generation," he said.

Vell Paari said he will not keep quiet and watch any harm come to MIC and will not forget whose lacklustre attitude allowed harm to come to MIC.

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