Saturday, June 8, 2013

Former DAP man Tunku Aziz files police report over alleged death threat

Former DAP vice-chairman Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim filed a police report at the district police headquarters here Saturday, claiming that someone had made threats against his life.

He said that he received a call to his personal mobile from a 013 number at around 10.10pm Friday while he was at home.

"The person who called had a male voice. The conversation was very short. I asked him who he was and he said 'I kill you' and hung up," he said.

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Tunku Aziz, who was also former Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M) president, joined DAP in 2008 and was appointed vice-chairman of the party in in 2009.

He quit the party in May 2012 following "irreconcilable differences" with the party leadership on their stance of the Bersih 3.0 rally and has since been an outspoken critic of the party.

Tunku Aziz said he believed the threat was politically motivated, based on the criticism against DAP, his former party.

"I've been threatened with legal action before but this is a totally new threat. I fear for my life and the safety of my family," Tunku Aziz said.
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