Monday, June 17, 2013

Forensics sieve wreckage for human remains

Officials from the Penang Hospital are examining bits of a car that was unearthed from the Jalan Macalister crater for bone particles.

Six Penang Hospital forensic department’s pathologists headed by Datuk Dr Zahari Noor were seen sieving through the remnants of the car to confirm the death of Lim Chin Aik, 44, who is believed to be buried alive in the wreckage.

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Dr Zahari told the press earlier if there were no signs of human bits on the wreckage, his team would head to the crater and search for possible remains. A team of four Chemistry Department forensics division staff were also seen assisting the pathologists in the search for the bits of human flesh.

Lim, who is a economy rice seller in Pulau Tikus, was reported missing by his family on Friday after he had gone to pick his daughter up at school. The family had to face the bitter truth when search officials retrieved a car chassis plate and other bits of the car in the crater which belonged to Lim.

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