Monday, August 5, 2013

Danone Dumex recalls products

Danone Dumex Malaysia has initiated a precautionary recall of some batches of its products following concerns over a whey protein bacterial contamination that can cause botulism.

It said none of the products tested and sold in Malaysia was found with contamination but new information given by Fonterra on Saturday had indicated that some ingredients supplied to the company might be contaminated.

“For this reason, Danone Dumex has instigated a precautionary recall in Malaysia,” it said in a statement.

It released the batch numbers of the recalled products (see graphic) and said consumers should not feed the products to infants.

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“If you have been using these products to feed your infant and your child shows signs of illness, please contact your healthcare professional as a precautionary measure,” it said.

Danone Dumex said the recall only affected these batches sold in Malaysia and did not include other batches of the same products and other Danone Dumex products in the market.

If customers had bought products with the batch numbers, they could return them to the place of purchase for a full refund, it said.

The company apologised for any stress caused, saying that it was doing everything it could to resolve the issue and provide as much information and support as possible.

Last week, Fonterra announced that it discovered the potential presence of a strain of Clostridium (Clostridium Botulinum) involving three batches of a particular type of whey protein concentrate (WPC80), which can cause botulism.

Fonterra had then informed their clients to investigate their products.

Further information could be obtained from Danone Dumex’s Careline by calling 1800 38 1038.

Fonterra Malaysia said in a statement that “none of our consumer branded products – Anlene, Anmum, Anchor/Fernleaf – were affected and all are safe for consumption”.

“We would like to reiterate that all Fonterra-branded products in Malaysia do not contain WPC80,” it added.

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