Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mum wants gay son to return

The mother of a 28-year-old student who allegedly married another man in Britain is appealing for him to come back to Malaysia and reunite with the family.

Umno Youth Community Complaints Bureau chairman Datuk Muhd Khairun Aseh said the man's mother had written a letter to her son, asking him to not only return but to also settle his RM890,000 education loan.

“I will pass the letter to the man when I go to Britain on Dec 23. His family misses him greatly.

“They are still in disbelief over the alleged marriage.“They cannot accept it,” he said yesterday.

Muhd Khairun said he would ask the man to absolve his family from dealing with his debt.

“It is not fair for the family to settle the loan when he is still around,” he said, adding that the family came to the bureau last Friday.

Muhd Khairun said the family had tried to locate the man eight times in the last two years but failed.

It was reported that the man, dressed in a baju Melayu and traditional headgear, had allegedly married a Caucasian overseas.

Pictures of their wedding have also made their way into blogs and social networking sites, causing a stir in the online community.

It was learnt that the man was studying medicine but failed to finish.

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