Friday, July 5, 2013

Tan Sri has no regrets shooting parang-wielding man who attacked him

The gutsy Tan Sri who gunned down a parang-wielding robber said he had no regrets shooting the man as he tried to attack him twice.

Pahang Chinese Chamber of Commerce chairman Tan Sri Lam Kam Sang was having a medical check up at a Cheras polyclinic in Cheras when three men armed with parang burst in and demanded cash and valuables from the staff and patients.

“I have no regrets shooting dead the robber. He was very aggressive and threatened my life.

“I pumped three shots into him after he tried to slash me a second time. If I had not had my gun, it could have been me who would be dead," Lam said when contacted by The Star on Friday.

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Despite being unwell, the businessman, who is also MCA Raub division chief, managed to pull out his automatic Glock 9mm pistol when threatened by the crooks.

When they lunged at him, Lam, 68 fired several shots, hitting one man in the knee, abdomen and buttocks.

Cheras OCPD Assistant Commissioner of Police Mohan Singh said the men fled the clinic in Taman Pertama at around 10pm.

“But one of them was found dead about 30m away with gunshot wounds in his knee, abdomen and buttocks,” he said. “The others escaped. We do not know if they are injured.”

The body of the dead man, believed to be in his late 20s, has been sent to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital for a post-mortem.

Police recovered a knife and a Nissan car outside the clinic.

“The car was stolen during another robbery at a clinic in Kajang on Wednesday,” said ACP Mohan Singh.

He said the robbery would be probed under Section 395 and 397 of the Penal Code.

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