Monday, July 1, 2013

Sultan of Johor: Stop bickering about Tee’s appointment

The Sultan of Johor wants all parties, to stop bickering about Datuk Tee Siew Kiong’s appointment as the state executive member.
A statement issued by Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar via his private secretary Jaba Mohd Noah said – “Tee’s appointment as an executive member was the Sultan’s choice and it was his right to choose his line-up of the state executive council members under Phase 4 Section II of the Johor State Constitution 1895.

“All parties including MCA party members and leaders are asked to respect Sultan Ibrahim’s decision (of appointing Tee) and should stop questioning his capacity as the Sultan of Johor.

Sultan Ibrahim appointed Tee, as he wanted a representative from all the races to represent his multi-racial subjects.

Also stated was that Sultan Ibrahim is not required to seek anyone’s opinion or suggestion before appointing his preferred state executive council members' line-up, nor does a need arise for him to explain the reason he appointed Tee.

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“Whatever issue pertaining his (Tee’s) political party should stay within the party, and his appointment by the Sultan of Johor, as an executive council member should never be questioned or politicalised.

“Even though he is sacked from his political party, he is still an executive council member appointed by the Sultan of Johor.

“Any action taken by his political party and party leaders towards him (Tee) are their prerogative and their internal affair.

The Sultan of Johor do not wish to interfere in the affairs of any political parties, and also do not want any political parties to interfere in his State affairs.

Sultan Ibrahim wishes that his subjects stay united, and their welfare will always be the state’s priority despite their belief or race.

Sultan Ibrahim has instructed that all parties stop arising issues with Tee’s appointment.

Tee's appointment was the decree of the Sultan of Johor, to enable a Chinese to represent the community in the state administrations.

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