Monday, July 1, 2013

Facebook removes ads from controversial pages to avoid boycott

Facebook has announced a major revamp of its advertising systems in an attempt to deal with concerns about offensive content.

There will now be new restrictions on where adverts appear on the site.

Marks and Spencer and BSkyB were among companies to suspend advertising after complaints that adverts had been placed on pages with offensive material, reports the BBC. The social network now plans to remove any advertising from many of its pages.

Facebook's move follows complaints about a Sky advert promoting an M&S voucher. The advert was placed on a Facebook page called "cute and gay boys". The page featured photographs of teenage boys.

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In a blogpost last Friday, Facebook said: "We recognise we need to do more to prevent situations where ads are displayed alongside controversial Pages and Groups. So we are taking action."

The company said that from today it will implement a new process to determine which pages or groups should feature adverts alongside the content. There will be no adverts on pages that feature any violent, graphic or sexual content, even if such content is not in violation of the company's rules.

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