Wednesday, May 25, 2011

RM300 fine too fast and furious, say bikers

Motorcyclists will not be given anymore discounts by either the police or the Road Transport Department for serious offences such as not wearing helmets, ignoring traffic lights and zebra crossings.

The maximum fine of RM300 would be implemented without any option of reduction for these offences.

However, some motorcyclists say the fine should be reconsidered.

Bakri Ramli, 50: "Bikers should be given three chances before they are fined for the same offence. However, I feel RM300 is too high. People with bikes are normally from the middle and lower income groups. I earn RM600 a month, so RM300 is already half my pay."

Rosli Sulaiman, 52: "I agree with this ruling. It is fair and will benefit road users in the long run. Errant riders should be taught a lesson. We should make our roads a safer place."

Lee Kok Keong, 52: "This ruling will make riders more wary and careful. It will encourage them to follow the rules. I hope it will not be a platform for authorities to seek bribes."

Huhailiz, 26, said: "I believe many will not want to pay heavy fines. The authorities will have trouble collecting payments. This is because many Malaysians have high commitments and hence, they would fend for their well-being first rather than pay the authorities. Parents, teachers and the authorities should work together in other ways and educate the public instead. This is definitely not fair to the citizens."

Tai Kwee San, 47: "This is a good move. I have no objections. It is fair to penalise wrongdoers."

Vimal, 22: "RM300 is too high! Bikers are not rich, so have a heart. RM100 to RM150 is fair. What about the ones who get away with it? Not all will be caught!"

Ah Long, 28: "People who break the law sho

Hafiz, 32: "I ride a bike to work. The rules against not wearing helmets and jumping traffic lights are fair. It is logical to implement such. However, I feel the fines should be lowered to RM150 as it would be more affordable to motorcyclists."

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