Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Perkasa threatens Umno again

For the second time in a week, Perkasa warned the government that they will lose the support of the Malays and Bumiputera if their demands are not met.

The Malay rights group expressed its anger that the government has fulfilled less than 15 per cent of its demands but had given in to the demands of groups representing other races.

Just last week, Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali warned the government that it risked losing the group's support if it continued to prioritise other races over the Malays.

"The patience of the Malay people also has a limit, do not push it," Ibrahim warned.

Yesterday, it was the turn of the group's general-secretary Syed Hassan Syed Ali, who said: "If the government continues to remain mum on the demands made by Perkasa, the communities whose rights we are championing may decide to shift their support elsewhere.

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"The government may be silent on the issue for now, but Perkasa will continue to make its demands heard in public and will not back down," he warned.

Perkasa claimed it has submitted numerous memorandums to the government on economic, education and religious issues, but less than 15 per cent have been fulfilled by the government.

He claimed that since the general elections on May 5, the Malay community had not received any good news from the government.

"We have had to accept every single decision made by the government and no matter how bitter it was, we had to swallow it."

"There are times when the Malays wonder whether there are still any Malay leaders in Malaysia," Syed Hassan said.

"The government seems afraid to give in to the demands and pressures made by the Malay and Bumiputra communities. Malay leaders in the opposition camp also seem to be the same way."

Meanwhile, Perkasa voiced its support for Batu Pahat Umno division chief Datuk Dr Puad Zarkashi, who has called for the government to revive the Entrepreneur Development Ministry.

However, Perkasa expressed its reservations on whether the government would do so as it had recently voiced its determination to continue liberalising various sectors.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had spoken to the media in London and elaborated on how Malaysia was liberalising several sectors in Malaysia.

"Perkasa and various Malay non-government organisations have been pushing for the government to revive the Entrepreneur Development portfolio for the past five years but to no avail."

"The government is more interested in listening to demand of groups representing the interests of other races," Syed Hassan said. - July 9, 2013.

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