Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Gobind’s jab infuriates Home Minister

Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi got into a heated exchange today with Gobind Singh Deo and other opposition MPs over a police report made against him for alleged assault.

It started when Gobind, the MP for Puchong, asked the home minister why there was no police investigation when a report was lodged that a person had physically abused and threatened another person.

"I am referring to none other than you minister," said Gobind. Ahmad Zahid sat quietly as other MPs voiced support for him or Gobind.

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Ahmad Zahid eventually lost his cool.

“You have vested interest,” he said to Gobind.

“He (Gobind) is the defence lawyer,” he said to the House.

Gobind then shouted: “Answer the question. Tell me, did you not threaten the person?"

Ahmad Zahid then said that Gobind was referring to an allegation and a police report made in 2006, when he was a deputy minister.

"Because you are the lawyer, you are using this august house to make these allegations, this is not a criminal case, it is a civil case,” Zahid shouted back, waving his finger angrily.

He added: "Between him and me, he is a greater kaki pukul than me" Gobind then dared Zahid to repeat the statement outside the House.

"You repeat that and I will sue you," Gobind said.

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