Monday, July 8, 2013

Busy in Jalan Masjid India

Ramadan begins tomorrow but Jalan Masjid India has been packed with shoppers for over a fortnight.

Shoppers have been crowding the area, especially on weekends, looking for clothes, cookies and decorations for their homes for Hari Raya Aidilfitri, which was expected to fall on Aug 8.

According to Ahmad Raslan, who was there shopping with his family, some families preferred to shop early to avoid the crowds.

“We usually like to shop early to avoid the crowd and the traffic,” said the 43-year-old from Miri, Sarawak.

Ahmad said that his family would travel from Sarawak to Kuala Lumpur every year before Ramadan to shop for their clothes.

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“We decided to come here as there was more variety, and the quality of the materials available, especially the clothes, were better.”

Kasuma Othman, who was shopping with her three daughters, said that some people preferred to start their Raya shopping early as they would be fasting during Ramadan.

“We do not shop during Ramadan as we are fasting.

“We usually would not have the energy to do any shopping,” said the 51-year-old from Cheras.

She added that a lot of people liked to shop at Jalan Masjid India as they could get good bargains there.

The traders themselves had also noticed a spike in shoppers recently.

Mohd Riduan, 29, who has been a trader there for nine years, said that it was common to see more shoppers right before Ramadan.

“And then during the first two weeks of Ramadan, fewer people would come to shop.

“The numbers would usually pick up again during the last two weeks of Ramadan when people would do their last-minute shopping,” he said.

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