Tuesday, July 9, 2013

21-year old woman gang-raped by three men - China girl Jun Xing could be victim of crime of passion

A hotel kitchen helper lodged a report claiming that she was gang-raped by three men at a house in Kampung Binjai here on Thursday.

District police chief Superintendent Che Suza Che Hitam said the 21-year-old victim from Kampung Chendor in Cherating, Pahang who stayed at the hotel's dormitory, had gone out with a new boyfriend who fetched her at 3am that day.

"The victim had just befriended the man a day earlier."

"She followed him in his car and was brought to a house where she was raped by the suspect and his two friends," he said.

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"She followed him in his car and was brought to a house where she was raped by the suspect and his two friends," he said.

He said she lodged the report at the Chukai police station soon after she was sent back to the dormitory by the man at 11am.

Police are searching for the three suspects who are believed to be from Kemaman.

Meanwhile Police have not ruled out the possibility that 35-year-old Chinese national Jun Xing, who was found dead with 17 stab wounds in a durian orchard on Monday, was a victim of a crime of passion.

State Criminal Investigation Department chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Mazlan Kesah said police have narrowed down jealousy as a possible motive after picking up the victim's 47-year-old boyfriend.

Police have also arrested a 56-year-old woman, who was believed to have acted as a pimp, and a 59-year-old runner at a beauty parlour in George Town, which also served as a brothel.

"Initial investigation revealed that the victim's boyfriend and the other male suspect were working as runners with the pimp.

"Currently, we have identified jealousy as the main motive but we are still investigating the case from all possible angles," he told a press conference at the state police contingent headquarters here yesterday.

Mazlan said the two men had previous convictions and were once detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA).

He said checks showed that Jun Xing had entered the country as a tourist five years ago and had since been working at the beauty parlour illegally.

Post-mortem results showed that Jun Xing was killed somewhere else before her body was dumped in the orchard.

"We have notified the Chinese consulate to expedite the process of sending the victim's body home to China," he added.

On Monday, Jun Xing was found dead with 17 stab wounds on her body at a durian orchard in Kampung Genting, Balik Pulau.

Orchard workers found the body in the deep recesses of the plantation near the National Service training camp at Kampung Genting about 8.30am.

Plantation owner Chin Say Hong, 53, said his workers found the body lying on her back, dressed only in a T-shirt and underwear.

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