Friday, June 3, 2011

No news of Nisha a year later

TOMORROW will be a year since the mysterious disappearance of Nisha Chandramohan, then aged two, at a park near her house in Mentakab, Pahang.

Her father, Chandramohan Govindasamy, 25, told The Malay Mail yesterday there had been no news since his daughter went missing about 6pm that day.

"We check with the Temerloh police station every month and each time the police officers tell us they have no information about Nisha and if they did, they would inform us," he said.

His latest visit to the station was last week.

"My wife and I will never give up searching for our only daughter. We believe that one day she will come back home."

Nisha's mother, Wong Lai Lan, 22, was hopeful the public would continue to help them find Nisha.

"We have looked for Nisha all over, as much as our resources would allow us, but to no avail. I think of her every single day and we miss her very much."

"In the early days, we received phone calls regularly, including prank calls, but now, even the prank calls have stopped. I fear public concern may have died down.

"Even MIC Youth, which was helping us, no longer provides feedback. It seems my husband and I are now alone in searching for Nisha we hope that's not the case."

Wong said items which Nisha used, including her milk bottle, clothes, pillows and toys, were still being kept by her.

"We are confident Nisha will return to us. If anybody has any information, please let us know."

Nisha, who suffers from epilepsy, went missing after she was taken for an evening walk at the park by Wong's mentally-ill aunt. Wong and Chandramohan were at work at the time.

The aunt was found wandering alone about 10pm.

Those with information are asked to contact Chandramohan at 016-935 3400, or MIC's Nisha task force leaders Sivarraajh (019-266 3060), Sivakumar (012-391 3039), Subramaniam (019-351 7474) or Muthu (03-4043 1111).
'We haven't given up searching'

MIC YOUTH, which set up a 24-hour search-and-rescue task force to find Nisha Chandramohan soon after her disappearance in June last year, says it has not given up their search for the child.

"When there were reports Nisha was spotted in Chow Kit, our members spent a month combing the area daily," said MIC Youth secretary C. Sivarraajh.

"And towards the end of last year, when we received information that Nisha could be in Singapore, we requested our MIC Johor Youth chief to check on her whereabouts there."

Sivarraajh said the task force, comprising about 100 MIC Youth members and led by MIC Pahang Youth chief Sivakumar Krishnan, printed 5,000 A3-sized posters of Nisha for distribution in Pahang and KL.

When told Nisha's mother, Wong Lai Lan, had said MIC Youth was no longer providing any feedback, Sivarraajh said: "We have tried to contact Nisha's family many times but the calls went unanswered. The family should have returned our calls. In fact, the last we heard from them was at the Press conference they held regarding Nisha's loss at the MIC headquarters in KL on June 15 last year."

Sivarraajh said the task force had not given up helping Nisha's family.

"We urge the public with information on Nisha to contact us or her parents."

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