Friday, June 3, 2011

Kickdefella was paid for contract termination

Blogger Kickdefella or his real name, Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz, today claimed that he received RM350,000 from Datuk Husam Musa as compensation for the termination of his service contract with Kelantan Menteri Besar Incorporated (PMBK) two years ago.

He said this happened in November 2009 and the money was to compensate him after his contract as public relations officer with PMBK was terminated on Nov 10, 2009.

He denied reports on a number of websites lately that he was paid by Husam, who is a Kelantan state executive councillor and candidate for a PAS vice-president post in the party election this week, to help him campaign.

Syed Azidi said the facts and time frame of the incident had been twisted. "The allegation that I had met Datuk Husam and received RM300,000 from him in China recently is not true," he told a news conference in Kuala Lumpur.

"Datuk Husam and I have not met since Nov 9, 2009, but we have spoken over the phone and sent each other SMSes."

Syed Azidi said after his service contract with PMBK was terminated following a misunderstanding with its chief executive, he had on Nov 18, 2009 met Husam's aide who offered him a payment of RM350,000 and he agreed.

He said the money given was partly arrears amounting to RM50,000 and the remainder as compassionate payment, and not for "shutting my mouth".

"The cash payment was made by the individual in stages within three months from November 2009," he added, but declined to reveal the individual's identity.

Syed Azidi who regards Husam as a special friend, said he did not know whether the money came personally from Husam.

He said the last time he visited China was in December 2009. "I believe the story that the money was given to me when I met Husam in China last week was purposely created by certain quarters.

"I also believe that the person responsible for relaying the information is closely linked to one of the candidates contesting for a party vice-president post," he added.

Husam when contacted, however, denied that he had given the money (RM350,000) to Syed Azidi in 2009.

"I also don't have an aide. If his (Syed Azidi's) service had been terminated by PMBK, that's his own matter. Why should I want to give him compensation money? I was not his employer," he said.

In a statement sent through SMS to Bernama, Husam also denied having such an amount of money.

"Until today, I have not had that amount of money in my account, and it would have been stupid of me to donate such a big amount to a person like him (Syed Azidi) while I've never had that amount in my entire life," he texted.

Husam was also surprised with Azidi's action of making such a claim on the eve of the PAS election tomorrow.

He said it was also not true that they had communicated over the phone.

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