Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tan Sri Vincent Tan donate RM6.6 million

Beneficiaries of the RM6.6 million donation from Berjaya founder Tan Sri Vincent Tan and Berjaya Corporation today expressed their gratitude, saying the funds will go a long way towards helping their operations.

A total of 30 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) had received funds from Berjaya Corporation CEO Datuk Robin Tan during a presentation ceremony on yesterday.

Vincent Tan had personally donated RM3.4 million through his Better Malaysia Foundation to five charities, while Berjaya Corporation, through its Berjaya Cares Foundation, donated RM3.2 million to 25 other NGOs.

(The RM3.2 million comprised RM1.6 million raised from coupon sales and a public donation drive during Berjaya Corporation’s inaugural Founder’s Day event at Berjaya Times Square on Feb 26, which was matched ringgit-for-ringgit by Vincent Tan, bringing his total personal contribution to RM5 million.)

Humanitarian aid organisation Mercy Malaysia was the biggest recipient, getting RM1.2 million from Vincent Tan’s personal contribution. Its latest projects include deploying a team to gauge humanitarian needs in Libya.

“We have also been actively involved in providing assistance to flood victims in Johor and Perlis,” said Mercy Malaysia honorary secretary Raja Riza Shazmin Raja Badrul Shah.

In Japan, she said, Mercy Malaysia has deployed a second team to support the tsunami and earthquake relief efforts by its local partner, the Association of Medical Doctors of Asia (Amda).

For Taiwan Buddhist Tzu-Chi Merits Society Malaysia, the RM600,000 donated by Vincent Tan to fund its study grant scheme will contribute significantly towards its goal of helping 20,000 students from impoverished families to further their studies this year.

“I would like to express our appreciation to Tan Sri Vincent Tan and all donors for their continuous support for the project,” said Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia head (administration) Raymond Tan.

Principal Gooi Swee Gaik of Kuen Cheng High School, which received RM500,000, said the money will be channelled to the school’s redevelopment fund.

The latest redevelopment project for the 103-year-old school is the construction of a new block, due to be completed by next year.

While gaining material wealth is often a priority for many people, Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Malaysia Foundation spiritual counsellor Datuk Bridget Menzes also stressed the importance of attaining inner peace, describing it as one of the secrets to success.

“Positivity is a natural outcome of someone who is stable. Tan Sri (Vincent Tan) knows all this. And that is why he is donating, while others with wealth can be blind to the poverty of others,” she said.

Bridget said the RM500,000 received will be used to set up the first-ever yoga retreat and community centre for inner learning in Malaysia.

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