Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tears flow for murdered baby

K. Vijayakumar (left), his wife M. Kavitha,36 and their three children say their final goodbyes to V. Seshagiry at their home in Bercham, Ipoh, yesterday.

Even the sky opened up when the body of an innocent 9-month-old baby boy placed in a coffin was taken out in a hearse from the house in Taman Indah Sakthi, Bercham here yesterday.

It was raining cats and dogs when the priest was performing the prayers for Seshagiry before the hearse left the house. The body was buried at the Buntong Crematorium at about 11.30am.

Family members could not hold back their tears on seeing the body while friends were saddened over the tragedy.

Among those who paid their last respects were Perak police chief Datuk Mohd Shukri Dahlan and state MIC chairman Datuk S. Veerasingam.

Seshagiry who was killed and stuffed in a bag was found by a motorist at Km175.4 of the North South Expressway near Bandar Bahru Toll Plaza in Kedah last Saturday.

The boy's father, K. Vijayakumar, 36, had this to say to parents. "Take precautions when you are handing over your children to others... what happened to my son can also befall other families.

"Take my unfortunate incident as an example.

"Based on the injuries my son had been tortured and suffered before his death."

In the burial permit, it was stated as "blunt force trauma to the head " as cause of the death.

He pointed out the presence of the state police chief showed the seriousness of the case. His wife, M. Kavitha, 36, wept throughout the funeral.

"I have confidence the police solve the case," said the telecommunications company manager.

Meanwhile, Mohd Shukri confirmed a woman had been detained to facilitate investigation after she surrendered to Kedah police.

"The case is being investigated by Kedah police and we will assist them if the need arises."

Kavitha, had earlier said that she allowed a friend known as Linda, in her 30s, to take the boy from the house to the latter's family in Taiping last Friday (April 22).

According to the distraught mother, Linda is a close friend of their family and had two previous occasions taken care of the baby.

"She visits my family every week and always say that they love my son since the family only have daughters," Kavitha was quoted as saying.

When the woman asked the whereabouts of her son after three days, Linda told Kavitha she had handed the boy over to her brother Badrul to return him, since she (Linda) had to go to Kuala Lumpur.

Kavitha said she contacted Badrul through text messages and was asked to go to Air Tawar, Sitiawan and Seri Iskandar but failed to locate him (Badrul) or her son.

On Wednesday, she was asked to go to Simpang police station in Taiping to identify her son through pictures.

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