Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lorry plunges from highway into tunnel

A lorry driver and his attendant had a close shave recently when their vehicle plunged 10 metres from the Pasir Gudang highway into a tunnel below.


Plastic gunny sacks filled with industrial material are strewn over the site of the accident at the tunnel below Pasir Gudang Highway. Pic by Mohamad Shahril Badri Saali

The 7.40am incident near SMK Johor Jaya 1 involved lorry driver, V. Ramu, 22, and his brother, Iswaran, 18.

Iswaran, who suffered a broken leg, was rushed to Sultan Ismail Hospital for medical attention.

The front of the lorry was severely damaged due to the impact of the crash.

Ramu said they were transporting plastic gunny sacks of industrial material from Malacca to a factory in Pasir Gudang when the incident occurred. The gunny sacks were seen strewn over the site.

Ramu said the damaged items were worth RM30,000.

Johor Jaya Fire Station Operations Chief, Azmi Abdullah, said a six-member team was despatched to help remove the lorry from the accident site.


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