Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Popular actor joins Umno


jOINING THE WINNING TEAM: Afdlin (left) and Harun display their membership forms at the party's headquarters in PWTC

Afdlin Shauki, one of Malaysia's most versatile and popular artistes, yesterday joined Umno in an attempt to be more proactive towards the community after being a lifelong supporter of the

"I have been voting for the party in all my years as a registered voter but I'm old enough now to contribute politically," said the Pappadom director, who had just turned 40.

Afdlin had also previously made a brief appearance in the Jodie Foster starrer Anna and The King and from the Buli and Sumolah fame said artistes should be more politically aware.

"I think artistes ought to have a stronger voice when it comes to politics. In countries like India and USA, artistes have a big say in determining election results. Similarly, artistes here too should have a voice," he said.

Afdlin however conceded he might lose a few followers due to his move to join Umno.

"I am aware that I could alienate some of my followers because they are also supporters of other parties.

But if they really follow me, they could understand the reason for my decision," he added.

"We are here to raise awareness of the party's ideologies to the people. In every film, we try to embed a message that connects to Malaysians in general. And this move is also to raise awareness among Malaysians regarding whatthis party is trying to do."

Umno executive secretary Datuk Abdul Rauf Yusoh however refuted that Afdlin joining the party would be a "decorative appointment".

"Afdlin has his own goals, and he is joining Umno to help with the movement," he said after receiving Afdlin's membership form at the Umno headquarters at the Putra World Trade Centre.

"He will also serve as a representative for the artistes in Malaysia, so that artistes can be looked well after.

Umno is the party for artistes in Malaysia," he added.

Afdlin's actor friend Harun Salim Bachik, 52, who was his partner in the Maharaja Lawak Mega reality
show, which they won, also handed over his membership forms to Abdul Rauf.

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