Sunday, January 8, 2012

KL CPO: Azmin agreed to 10 conditions at meeting

Police have no plans to close roads Monday morning, adds DCP Mohamad

Organisers of the Free Anwar 901 rally to be held Monday were informed of 10 conditions during a meeting with police Friday and had agreed to them, City police chief DCP Mohamad Salleh said.

Calling PKR deputy president Azmin Ali a liar, he showed reporters at a press conference here Sunday, a letter signed by PKR Youth chief Shamsul Iskandar Amin bearing the 10 conditions and photos of the meeting where Samsul signed the letter.

DCP Mohamad also said he had not heard from the organisers for a second discussion and also did not want to meet with them again as they have been dishonest.

He said the 10 conditions were discussed and agreed with Azmin on Friday, drafted and signed at the Sentul police station by Shamsul on Saturday.

“We took a picture during the discussion and we have a signed copy of the conditions with PKR's agreement,” he added.

On participation in the assembly, Mohamad stressed that PKR should ensure only 5,000 people could assemble at the car park.

“If there were more than 5,000 people, spilling out of the location, then it is a violation of the agreed condition.

“Anyone can participate but there must not be more than 5,000, those who come later would have to leave.

“They could do anything in the specified area during the assembly but participants must not spill over the place,” he said, adding that the police would act if the agreement was violated.

Mohamad also said that there were no plans for road closures Monday morning.

“At this moment, we do not plan to close any road but we have to be ready to react to any situation,” he said.

He said police had already posted on Facebook a list of roads which the public should avoid during the rally.

“We are expecting heavy traffic from as early as 7am in eight areas leading to the complex, namely Jalan Duta (both ways), Jalan Kuching, Bulatan Segambut, Jalan Khidmat Usaha, Jalan Ibadah, Jalan Dutamas, Jalan Persiaran Dutamas and Jalan Hikmat Usaha,” Mohamad said.

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